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Budget 2018 Highlights

Business Tax CORPORATION TAX RATE • The Minister reiterated in his Budget speech that the 12.5% Corporation Tax rate will remain in place indefinitely. CAPITAL ALLOWANCES • The deduction for capital allowances for intangible assets and any related interest expense...

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EU Funding For International Growth

If you are an SME with an innovative idea you may want to consider applying to the EU for funding for your business idea. In recent years hundreds of Irish organisations have received funding ranging in amounts from €50,000 to several million euros. The EU fund, known...

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How To Change Accountant

Thinking about how to change accountants? Or wondering what is the procedure if I want to change my accountant? Before switching accountants, ask yourself: Have you ever felt like your accountant was not attending to all your business needs? Do you feel like your best...

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